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Crypto and Digital Assets

We partner with a diverse range of clients in the crypto and digital asset sector, including Crypto Exchanges, Token Issuers, DeFi Platforms, Launchpads, and Technology Companies.

  • Legal & Regulatory Analysis: Evaluation of business models and products to ensure they align with crypto regulatory frameworks.
  • Registrations & Authorisations: Facilitating the necessary regulatory registrations, authorisations and licenses for UK and international businesses.
  • Token Legal Opinions: Legal classifications for cryptographic tokens across key global jurisdictions, including the UK, United States, EU, UAE, and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Crypto Advertising & Promotions: Ensuring marketing and financial promotions align with crypto-specific regulations.
  • AML & KYC Compliance: Guiding businesses through the essential AML and KYC standards specific to the sector.
  • DeFi Advisory: Advice and analysis on the rapidly evolving landscape of Decentralised Finance.
  • Smart Contract Legal Audit: Legal examination of smart contracts to validate alignment with the prevailing market standards and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our team provides comprehensive advice on legal and regulatory matters, ensuring the best outcomes for your enterprise or project.

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Corporate Transactions

We advise start-ups with their first steps to global corporations with complex needs.

  • Corporate Structuring: Tailoring business structures for the unique challenges and opportunities within the crypto and technology sector.
  • Joint Ventures: Balancing interests for all involved. We craft agreements and joint ventures that ensure alignment among stakeholders.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Advising on complex and cross-border transactions. Clients rely on our expertise to realise value and achieve their strategic goals.
  • Fundraising: Helping you secure the capital for growth. We connect businesses with the right opportunities to meet their growth objectives.

We help businesses thrive. LawBEAM is your trusted partner for your most important transactions.

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Financial Services

We advise traditional firms, financial institutions, and regulated entities on the evolving financial services landscape.

  • Banking and Finance: Guiding financial firms through the changing modern banking landscape. We offer strategic counsel, ensuring operations remain compliant, resilient, and future-proof.
  • Payments and E-Money: Charting the course in digital transactions. Our expertise bridges the gap between traditional finance and emerging e-money and payments solutions.
  • Financial Technology: With a deep understanding of the tech-driven financial landscape, we advise on regulatory compliance, partnerships, and growth strategies to ensure your fintech venture thrives.

"LawBEAM has ‘cut through’ – the ability to get to the core of an issue and get people to focus on what is important."

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Risk and Advisory

We provide risk management advice on the key issues facing modern companies and work with businesses to address boardroom-level risks.

  • Board Advisory: Offering strategic counsel to boards on the evolving risk management landscape.
  • Regulatory Investigations: Providing robust defence and guidance during regulatory inquiries and investigations.
  • Crisis Management: Expert representation and counsel in managing conflicts and disputes with businesses and competitors.
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