United Kingdom:
A Global Nexus for Crypto and Digital Assets


The UK is a leading global hub for financial services, and is fast becoming a major center for crypto and digital asset businesses. The UK government has been supportive of the crypto industry, and is building a clear regulatory framework for the future.

What the UK offers to crypto business:

  • Regulatory Clarity: The UK's forward-thinking approach towards crypto has fostered a stable regulatory environment. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) offers clear guidelines that encourage innovation while ensuring investor protection.
  • Financial Infrastructure: London, as the financial heart of Europe, boasts world leading financial infrastructure, including sophisticated payments systems and a first class legal system.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: The UK has a rich tapestry of tech start-ups, fintech firms, and academic institutions dedicated to blockchain and crypto research. This collaborative environment stimulates innovation and drives industry growth.
  • Global Connectivity: London's strategic global position ensures that crypto and digital asset businesses are well connected with markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Our Specialised Services in the UK

LawBEAMis a leading firm specializing in crypto and digital assets. We offer our Clients unrivalled expertise in this rapidly evolving sector. Our London Office specializes in:

  • Regulatory Compliance: We help ensure your crypto venture aligns with the UK's regulatory framework.
  • Authorisations and Licensing: We help firms obtain the necessary FCA regulatory licenses and cryptoasset registration to operate.
  • CryptoTransactions: Expertise in ICOs, token sales, legal opinions, and NFTs.
  • Financial Promotions: We advise firms on how to comply with the UK’s new Crypto Financial Promotions Regime.

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